About Live Lecture Platform and Video Lecture

Q: How to upload teaching video in platforms other than You Tube?

A: Upload in UTM e-Learning. Use Resources < Page < Add Media.


Q: I have applied for Webex Account from the given form but has not received any notification.

A: Please check your Spam Folder. If after 1 day, there is still no news, email your request to olc@utm.my


Q: Do they have ‘poll’ in all Big Blue Button, Webex and Zoom?

A: There is poll in BBB and Webex. Not Zoom.


Q: Can Zoom Meeting, Webex be embedded in UTM e-Learning?

A: Currently no. You can only share link to your online session in UTM e-Learning.


Q: Can we use other software for online live sessions (not Zoom, Webex or Zoom)? 

A: Yes


Q: If we use other software for online live sessions (not Zoom, Webex or Zoom), do we still have to upload the recorded video in UTM e-Learning?

A: Recommended to do so.


About Online Assessment

Q: How to include rubric in UTM e-Learning if we conduct the quiz in essay form?

A: There is no automatic way to mark essays in UTM e-Learning


Q: Is it suitable to carry out quiz among Postgraduate Students to replace assignments?

A: It depends on whether it aligns with CLOs and the skills/knowledge that you want to measure.


Q: How can I carry out online examination?

A: At the moment, UTM did not encourage summative assessment such as final examination online due to reliability and validity of the candidate sitting for exam. However, if online examination involves open book exam, project-based exam and other forms of alternative assessment, online learning can be used.