Alternative #1: Asynchronous Online Learning

Asynchronous online learning means, you:

  • Do not have to carry out live session with your students
  • Can have a pre-recorded video to support your online learning plans
  • Can just plan online learning activities using online learning tools such as asking them to carry out online discussions, ask them to do collaborative writing and etc.
  • Can carry out assessment  asynchronously (not real time) once you set up a date and time for their online assessment

Alternative #2:

Synchronous Online Learning

Synchronous online learning means, you:

  • Carry out live learning session with your students,
  • Conduct online learning activities and interaction occurs in real-time but only at different geographical location.
  • Can conduct real time assessment with students using Kahoot!, Quizizz or other assessment tools.

Alternative #3:

Task-based Online Learning

If you opt to carry out task-based online learning, that means, you:

  • Plan your lesson where you uploaded these plans (in the form of tasks) in e-Learning@UTM
  • Require your students to access e-Learning@UTM  to upload the product of learning based on the tasks that you gave online
  • Use e-learning UTM to only monitor your students learning

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